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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Three: Mid-morning

I was part of the beach patrol last night. Three groups of three (one biologist, two Earthwatch reps in each group) went out at 10:15 to sweep designated parts of the beach. My group saw nada; one other group -- also nada. The third group got to "work a turtle": a leatherback came ashore and laid approximately 60 eggs (the average is 65). I will describe in detail what "working a turtle" entails once I've had the great good fortune to "work" one myself. We finished our patrol at 4:45, having walked about 8 miles, and I was back at the bunkhouse, in bed, by 5:20.

Up by 8:00 (9:00 EST) to get ready to Skype with the middle schoolers. Just finished that, and had a great time seeing the boys on screen and answering a wide range of questions. Tara, the project manager, was by my side, and she had the answers to the questions that were head-scratchers to me. Lower school tomorrow, and, if it all works out, the upper school on Thursday.

Thanks for all of the questions you've been sending. I'm going to put them into the blog as soon as I finish this post. I'm trying to answer your questions in these postings, so look back at earlier posts or stay tuned for later posts!

Time to go to bed for about an hour: we have our next assignment to carry out in about 90 or so minutes.

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